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“I have appreciated using your keyboard covers and have given your information to a number of the grade school teachers in our area.”
School Teacher, Jackson, WI

“Your computer keyboard covers have worked great for me”
School Teacher, LaRue, TX

“Two or three years ago, I purchased several of your collapsible keyboard vision shields for my keyboarding class. I have found them to be excellent teaching aids!”
School Teacher, Noble OK

“Thanks! You have a great product”
Middle School Teacher, Walnut, CA

“We appreciate your product”
Middle School Teacher, Woodland Hills, CA

“You are right, those screens are durable! I placed it on a keyboard of a “hunt & peck” student and he all but wadded it up and threw it!! The screen bounced back and looked none the worse for wear.”
School Teacher Hampton, AR

“A year ago we purchased your cardboard typing shields to cover our keyboards. They have been so good we would like to purchase your plastic shields.”
Computer Department Head, North Ridgeville, OH

“I am currently scheduled to teach 3 classes of typing at the HS/MS level. Last year I taught in a different district and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to use your Touch-Key Guide made of Coroplast. I was very impressed with the product. The new district does not currently use your product but I would like to request the product for purchase”
School Teacher, South Williamsport, PA