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1. How long does the plastic Touch-Key Guide last?

The plastic version of the Touch-Key Guide carries a lifetime warranty, and thus truly lasts the buyer a “lifetime”. Made of a light plastic material called Coroplast, it can take substantial student abuse and still maintain its intended function.

2. Is the plastic version of the Touch-Key Guide really lighter than the cardboard version?

Yes. The plastic version weighs 3.0 oz. while the cardboard version weighs 3.5 oz. The lightness of both is largely attributable to their being constructed of fluted (nonsolid) material. Obviously, plastic is lighter than wood fiber.

3. What is covered by the Touch-Key Guide warranty?

Everything, other than obviously deliberate student damage or loss. The cardboard version is not covered by the warranty.

4. How long will it take for me to receive my order?

All orders are shipped by UPS within two days of receiving the order, unless otherwise requested. In the United States, customers receive their order within a range of one to seven days, depending on their distance from Marietta, GA. Shipments made to Hawaii and Alaska are sent by U.S. Mail.

5. We have the blank or “skins” keyboard cover that blocks out the letters on the keys. What makes the Touch-Key Guide more efficient in stopping “hunt & peck” typing?

The blank cover allows the student to view all movements of his fingers, an action prevented by the Touch-Key Guide. “Hunt & peck” performers do not visually search for a key, but rather visually guide an incorrect finger to that key. Thus, if unable to see his fingers, a “hunt & peck” typist cannot perform and is forced to employ the correct fingers, the basis of touch typing.

6. What is the ideal grade to introduce a student to the Touch-Key Guide?

Whatever grade is selected to begin keyboarding instruction. Ideally, this instruction involves the early elementary grades.

7. How long has your company been in business?

The Keyboard Teacher, a continually growing business, has been in operation since 1991.