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About Us

George Rhodes, Company Founder

George Rhodes - Founder, KeyboardTeacher

George Rhodes is the founder of The Keyboard Teacher Company and a former business education teacher for over 30 years. Having received his Specialist in Education from the University of Georgia, he has devoted his life to education specifically in the area of typing and keyboarding literacy.

Having written numerous magazine articles on the subject, two typing I textbooks, and even regarded as a valued debater of the famous “Dr. Leonard West” methods of typing, he has a respected following among many business educators throughout America.






Sam Rhodes, President

Sam Rhodes - President, KeyboardTeacher

Sam Rhodes is the son of George Rhodes and has been involved in the family business full time since 1998. He is the primary manager and overseer of the KeyboardTeacher Company and it’s products. “I would say that traveling and meeting teachers around the nation who love and have had success with our products is the most rewarding aspects of my job” he says.

“Being apart of something that my father built and being able to continue to be a part of it’s growth is something that I am ever grateful for and being able to put in my own spin in the process is also an added bonus. As long as there are computers, there will be the need for keyboarding, as long as there is keyboarding, there will be “hunt & peck” students, and that is where we come in.”

In his free time, Sam volunteers for Camp Dream as a camp counselor. Since 1996, Camp Dream has provided a traditional summer camp experience for children and young adults with moderate to severe disabilities.