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computer keyboard vision shield

The Touch-Key Guide™, a nationally marketed computer keyboard vision shield, was developed for one purpose: to enable keyboarding instructors to stop student "hunt and peck" keying - a predictable result of unsupervised student home computer use.
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The Importance of Touch-Keying

Computer users recognize that a productive keyboarding skill requires the touch or non-sighted operation of the keyboard. As the rehabilitation of non-touch or "hunt & peck" operators is extremely difficult, it is essential that a touch keying foundation be established during the student's introduction to the keyboard. Life-long habits are determined during the initial days of keyboarding instruction. >> Read More <<

Upgrading Keyboarding Instruction

The three keyboarding basics:

  • Keying Speed
  • Keying Accuracy
  • Keying Technique

"Typewriting instruction at its inception was based on both speed and accuracy of keyboard input." - An article by George Rhodes. >> Read More <<

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